Customizing Elementor’s default widgets

If you’re using Elementor for client work, probably you’ll hit some limits soon enough. Like, for example, you can’t customize buttons aspects on all widgets. Although is never documented, it is possible and I’ll show you a way of doing this. The example? Call to action widget (available only on Elementor Pro).

By default, you can only customize some basic stuff and if you want to reuse same style again, you’re kind of screwed.

This is a bit of nonsense, because Elementor already has a button component that you can use it outside of this widget! Why can’t I just use it here?

So, in order to make it work, we will need a couple of things. Elementor uses two ways of rendering content: one is JS based and is used only when you edit the page, the other one is PHP based and is used… everywhere else. Continuă să citești Customizing Elementor’s default widgets

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